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How Baseball Taught Me To Trust God’s Hands

My life is, and has been, a journey of finding out who I am and to whom I belong. From the time I came into my own personality, I’ve always been different, having given my life to Christ at a young age.

Growing up, life was easy for me. I didn’t have any real problems because my parents did a great job loving and providing for the needs of my sister and I. Even though my parents were never physically rich, they were rich spiritually in grace and favor with God. We never lacked anything. My life was literally what David wrote about in scripture.

”Yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their children begging for bread” (Psalm 37:25 NIV)

God has provided for my family and I time after time, and for that I am thankful.

Throughout my childhood, you could usually find me on some type of field or court playing my heart out. Especially on a baseball field, because that was where my true passion laid.

Closeup shot of Toronto Blue Jays prospect, Jonathan Davis, leaning up again the dugout railing.

I started playing baseball at the Ouachita Boys & Girls club, played USSSA baseball for the Xtreme team, and later played baseball at Camden Fairview High School. Following high school, I was blessed to continue my baseball career at the University of Central Arkansas. And finally, through hard work and patience, I was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 15th round of the 2013 amateur draft.

Baseball has been good to me in so many ways. Through my now brother-in-law, Anthony Alford, I was able to meet my lovely wife, Hannah Montgomery Davis. My relationship with my wife has taught me so much about myself and has given me a deeper revelation of the love God has for me and His church. It’s my desire to one day play at the highest level and use my talent to raise a family, enlighten and empower others, and bring God glory. My journey has taught me many lessons, but there is one lesson that has stuck with me forever: trust God!

Many times, I have tried to depend on my own understanding, only to run back to my Father’s hands. I’m so glad that God never gives up on his people. Apart from Him, I’m a filthy rag. But, because of Him and His sacrifice for me, I am counted as righteous. I’ve learned to look to God and trust Him with all of my being. There is this saying that most coaches in baseball use, which says, “Trust your hands.” Well, I’ve tweaked this statement a little to describe my approach when it comes to life as a follower of Christ, “Trust God’s hands.” I understand that if I expect to live a life full of peace, joy, happiness, righteousness, and influence, it starts with trusting God’s hands. It can only happen if I trust His hands.

Trusting God does not mean that I don’t have to do my part. But, it certainly means that I have to do it God’s way, which is obeying His word. When we trust God, He supplies everything we need. We are like a tree planted by the rivers of water, which bring forth fruit in it’s due season. The God in me is always looking to love others, to spread joy and peace to all His people.

Many people have no where to find hope, stuck waking up in hostile and uncontrollable environments. Many are burdened by life, afraid to talk to someone about issues, in addition to many other things. Yet, through all of these obstacles, I believe God has called me to shine light in darkness, to be a bridge, to give hope, to share the gospel, and to help you develop into the person you were called to be. TRUST GOD’S HANDS.

– Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis is an outfielder in the Toronto Blue Jays organization. He is currently playing with the Buffalo Bison, the organization’s Triple-A Affiliate.

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