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The Moment The Cross Came Alive

My decision to follow Jesus was also the turning point in my softball career. The summer after I accepted Jesus into my heart, the game of softball became fun again.

The One Thing That Will Never Change

The summer going into my junior year of high school, my desire to keep my “good girl” or “perfect Christian” reputation landed me into a pit of darkness.

Prodigal 2.0

My mom has always said, “Timmy, you’ve got a hard head.” She’s right. I have a hard head. That proved to work both for me physically…and against me spiritually.

Learning To Be Comfortable In Discomfort

The concept of surrendering control again, if I’m being honest, makes me uncomfortable. However, I know it is necessary for growth in my relationship with God.

Brittany Yuen speed skating.

How God Used My Sport For His Glory

In that moment, I realized that Jesus Christ is my story, and that I have the freedom to speak genuinely and passionately about it, even if it means I may face rejection

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