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Where My True Passion Lies

Going through my struggles has opened my eyes to the beauty of God’s plan and His divine will.

Why I Stopped Leaving My Faith On The Bench

This is true worship: glorifying the Lord in anything and everything you do, including sports.

In All The Madness, He Chose Me And Set Me Apart

My life flashed before my eyes… I was stuck inside the car, alone and scared, unsure what had just taken place.

‘I Am’ Are The Two Most Powerful Words

I would like to unpack the meaning of, “I am more than an athlete,” with a different perspective in mind.

The Journey and Who We Travel With

There’s an old adage that states, “It’s not the journey. It’s who you travel with.” I both agree and disagree with this statement. Here’s what I mean, in the form of poetry: Basketball has played a pivotal role, contributing hard learned disciplines acquired through my involvement with the game to my character and who I’ve […]