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The Hidden Cost of Competing at the Highest Level

To what extent are we willing to push athletes to maximize their potential… Is the cost worth the benefit?

The Thing That Motivates Me The Most

When I first stepped on campus, I was still trying to figure out what my life looked like completely surrendered to the Lord.

Prodigal 2.0

My mom has always said, “Timmy, you’ve got a hard head.” She’s right. I have a hard head. That proved to work both for me physically…and against me spiritually.

Why I Retired as a Rookie

I thought Minnesota was a football and career move, but little did I know God saw it as an eternity move.

The Best Decision I Ever Made

Adam Thielen’s Testimony Adam Thielen, and his wife Caitlyn, share about life beyond football, the role of faith in raising their son and setting the culture of their home. Video by Crossroads Church.