Finding My True Source of Motivation

Being a chronically injured athlete is definitely challenging. However, God has been showing me that my talents and love for Jesus is part of a much bigger plan…

Behind The Number

I’m playing because I am grateful to have another 24 hours to bring all the attention and glory to His kingdom.

God Redeemed More Than My Playing Career

Over the last four years, God has done miracles in my life. I began playing football again without fear…

How My Weakness Became A Blessing

I want to start out by saying you are enough, even when you don’t feel like it.

My Hope Is Kept In Heaven

God gives us great power and passion. It roars within us. We need to make space in our hearts to unleash the roar inside of us.

How I Found Peace In My Injury

This year I joined FC Cincinnati, and three weeks into preseason I broke my leg and needed to have surgery.