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God Redeemed More Than My Playing Career

During my time at Leicester City, my ex-agent knew I was going through a tough phase. I was struggling with performance anxiety, so he invited me to his local church. I enjoyed the service, but there was no genuine repentance or desire for anything more.

Two days later, I attended a Tuesday night service. By the end of it, I found myself needing to know Jesus and have Him in my life. That was in October of 2014.

Over the last four years, God has done miracles in my life. I began playing football again without fear, walked away from football to pursue an accounting career, traveled the globe, and began a career in public speaking using the gift of speaking that God has given me.

But best of all, when I first became a Christian at the age of 19, I was with my girlfriend. We were living as a ‘normal’ teenage couple. You know, sex, alcohol, etc.

Four years later, she is in love with the Lord. He has taken us away from sexual sin, and ultimately, saved us from what was once an unhealthy relationship filled with lust, lies and neglect. He is now the foundation of our relationship, and the fruit in which it bears is just insane.

We are now engaged and due to marry next autumn! I could go on and on and on about the areas and challenges I have faced, from living with a non-Christian family, to dealing with the changing room banter, to the daily challenges and joy of walking in God’s will.

-Louis Rowley

Louis Rowley is a retired professional soccer player from England. During his career, he was a defensive midfielder for Manchester United and Leicester City of the U21 English Premier League.

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