How My Weakness Became A Blessing

I want to start out by saying you are enough, even when you don’t feel like it. I am 19 years old, and I have gone through some of my toughest spiritual battles playing soccer.

In high school, I often felt like I was not enough because of unwelcoming circumstances and politics I encountered at the higher levels. Honesty, it became hard for me to find the desire to play the sport I have loved my entire life, while others were trying to strip that joy away from me. I remember wanting to give up and just come face-to-face with Jesus. I was yearning for His love. Over time, though, I have come to understand that even if others do not see me as enough, I am enough for Him, which is all that matters.

Some people have asked me, “How are you doing spiritually?” Or, “How is your fitness coming along?” I’ve never felt fully prepared in either of these aspects, though to others I might seem fine. A few weeks ago, someone pointed out to me what a blessing this shortcoming might actually be. There is always room for improvement. Whether it’s training on the field or spending more time in the word of God, there is always something that can be done – something to improve upon. But, I have also realized that no matter where we are in our walk with God, He just wants us to meet with Him. It doesn’t matter how weak or disappointed we are in ourselves, He just wants us because those negative thoughts are not from Him. You are enough for Him. And, that is all that truly matters. All He wants is you. The real you.

– Jade Zimmer

Jade Zimmer is heading into her sophomore season as a member of the Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) Women’s Soccer team. NNU participates in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference at the NCAA Division II level.

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