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More Than A Golfer

As Christians, this is our purpose: to be a disciple and make more disciples… I just happen to be a golfer so that I can use my platform to point people toward Him.

Don’t Call Me A Quitter

It was not worth it to stubbornly pursue a longtime dream just to say I did it when I felt God rerouting me somewhere else.

Why I Run

I didn’t run fast, but the Lord allowed me to compete for His glory again. It was something I never thought would be possible and, quite frankly, no one around me did either.

Learning To Be Secure In Christ

Once I reminded myself that I am secure in Christ… I was able to play my best volleyball because I was no longer afraid of worldly opinions.

Finding My True Source of Motivation

Being a chronically injured athlete is definitely challenging. However, God has been showing me that my talents and love for Jesus is part of a much bigger plan…

Godsight is 20/20

Throughout all the challenges and curveballs I have experienced, when I look back, everything fell into place in God’s perfect timing.

Allie Christmann attending the ESPYs.

How I Found My Identity

When we put our heart and energy into anything without the Lord, our identity gravitates toward those things. And, our identity should be in Christ.

Samson Sergi dribbling a soccer ball.

Behind The Number

I’m playing because I am grateful to have another 24 hours to bring all the attention and glory to His kingdom.

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